The production process starts with the yarn, which once arrived in our temperature controlled warehouses, is constantly taken care of, to ensure that it does not lose its moisture, essential for a correct weaving of the sheets.

After having created the prototypes for each article, calibrated the development of the sizes and tested the washing, the weaving process begins, the knitting process.
This process is managed with two different types of machines, the ”Cotton machines” and the ”Shima machines”.

The frames for the production of simpler garments, while the straights for more complex items and worked in inlay, jacquard and numerous other knit stitches.

Once produced, the sheets are sent in packs, where they are checked the measurements and possible manufacturing defects.
The assembly of the sheets is carried out from the packaging.

This phase of production is one of the most complex and delicate.

Delicate in that you have to pay close attention to the correct stitching of the garments and complex because only to make a garment you need 7 different steps.

After having sewed them, the garments are sent to the washing.

Here, thanks to softening and silicon products, the final aspect of the jumper is given; warm and soft.

Once washed, some samples are taken from production to perform anti-pilling tests on all yarn qualities.

Along with products that allow the success of the garments, they are also used scented soaps that clean the garment from all the dirt accumulated during processing and also make the smell pleasant once worn.

The last step of the processing is the ironing.
Inside the ironing department, there are four other subways, which are:

– the control of the garments on illuminated mirrors in order to eliminate possible defects created during the washing phase and to discard the garments with quality problems

– steam presses, which give the first shape of the ironed garment

– iron ironing, which perfects the appearance of the shirt

- the folding of the garments, with further control to completely eliminate any type of problem
Once this process is finished, the garments are packed and ready for shipping to our customers.


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